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New Zealand trip, where to go? part 9: Omarama “sheep sheering”

Before reading this post, you might want to read part 1 (road trip map), part 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8.

CROMWELL → OMARAMA, via SH 8, stop at Wrinkly Rams “sheep shearing” show

Drive from Cromwell to Omarama via state highway 8.

Lindis Pass

When you are driving from Cromwell to Omarama via state highway 8, you will see stunning scenery (Lindis Pass) in front of you, and also on the left and right of the road. I don’t have a good photo of Lindis Pass, but you can see a great photos of Lindis Pass from this person: Lindis Pass photo 1, Lindis Pass photo 2.

The Wrinkly Rams “sheep shearing” show & “heading dog” show

Want to buy the finest Merino garments? or want to see a “sheep shearing & heading dog” show? Just go to the Wrinkly Rams. The Wrinkly Rams is located on twizel-omarama road.

Merino wool is the exquisite, finely spun fiber from the Merino sheep, practically beyond reproach when it comes to insulating the body from the cold—and incredibly, the heat, even when it’s wet.

In the wrinkly rams shop, they sell merino wool products. They wrote this in their shop site: “Not to mention we are the area’s only stockist of Icebreaker pure merino garments and sportswear, as well the RM Williams brand of clothing and accessories”.

To see the products that they sell in the shop you can see it in this site: wrinkly ram shop.

It’s very interesting to see “sheep shearing” show & “heading dog” show, at the Wrinkly Rams.

In “sheep shearing” show, you will see a professional shearer doing the shearing process to a live sheep on the stage.The sheep will transform from a woolly sheep to a shorn sheep, using both modern and traditional methods of shearing.

In “heading dog” show, you will see dogs that use its visual prowess and quick movement to control sheep.The dog will brings a mob of sheep together from out on the farm and gets them to go into a special pen.

Showtimes vary throughout the day, so before you go there, call the wrinkly rams to check when their next show starts.

Video of heading dog show at Wrinkly Rams:

Photos of sheep shearing show at Wrinkly Rams:

heading dog and the sheep


Location & Phone of the Wrinkly Rams:
Phone: +64 3 4389751 .Fax: +64 3 4389731
Address: 24-30 Omarama Ave, Omarama

For more detail information, go to these sites:

To be continued to New Zealand trip, where to go? part 10: Twizel “salmon”, Lake Ohau

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