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Home sweet home

Home sweet home. Bandung is my hometown. I always want to go to my parent’s home in Bandung. I grew up there with all of my brother and sisters and my parents. I had been living there since I was born until I got my bachelor degree. After I graduated I went to Jakarta to find a job. Since I got a job in Jakarta I had to live in Jakarta. I had never lived far away from home before, so it was so hard for me at the first two or three months. I got home sick. I couldn’t stand living in Jakarta. I always wanted to go home. So, at the first two or three months I always went back home to Bandung every weekend.

Nowadays I only go to Bandung once or twice a month on weekends. It always feels good going home. I love it so much. When I am in Bandung, I usually hang out with my friends on Saturday, and stay at home (spending time with my parents, sisters, and brother) on Sunday.

These are the activities that I love to do when I’m going back home to Bandung:
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