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While everyone’s having a party in new year’s eve, I could only stay in bed.

While everyone was having a party or going out in new year’s eve, I could only stay in bed because I got ill. I got a fever, headache, runny nose, cough, sore throat, and was very tired. My illness was so severe that I had no energy to do anything, even for watching TV. When I watched TV –even for about an hour- my headache was getting worse and my energy was getting lower and lower. From 31 dec 2008 – 7 jan 2009 my illness was still severe, but it got a little better in 8 jan, and now I feel much better eventhough I haven’t recovered yet.

From 31 dec – 4 jan, I got so upset because I got ill in my vacation (I was in vacation from 25 dec – 4 jan). “I was planning on having fun in my vacation but I cannot do it because I got ill? I hate it!”, my heart said it at that time.

But when I think of it now, in the the year 2008 I’ve never got very sick (=severe illness for more than 5 days) like my illness in 31 dec – 7 jan. It means in 2008 I only got very sick once (from 31 dec – 7 jan). Therefore I should be grateful to God that I have never got very sick more than once in the year 2008.


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