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Jewel praised Kelly Clarkson’s vocal range & strength, and Kelly’s personality

I always think that Kelly Clarkson’s vocal range & vocal power is amazing. And Jewel thought the same too about Kelly. Jewel said that Kelly is “a freak of nature”, but she meant that in a good way when she said about Kelly’s vocal range and strength.

This was what Jewel said about Kelly to MTV News :

“I really wanted to sing that song with a great vocalist, and she was my first pick,” Jewel replied when asked how the collaboration with Clarkson came to be. “She’s a hoot in the studio, she’s really a fun hang, really down to earth and she’s kind of a freak of nature. I mean, you go in there, and I was singing this long note and I was holding it as long as I could and as high as I could and I was on my tiptoes doing it and she walked in there and was like, that was great, and then she just did a whole three, you know, steps above it and just sailed through it like it was nothing. She’s a freak of nature.”

Then when MTV News asked Jewel “was Jewel concerned that she’d be outshined by any of Clarkson’s high notes & amazing range”, Jewel answered :

“Kelly is great, you know she doesn’t have a big ego or anything, she wants to make me sound good and I’m the same way, I want to make her sound good so we kind of wanted to work out parts that hopefully benefitted each other and yeah, it was fun.”

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This song “foolish games” by Jewel feat Kelly Clarkson is awesome!

OMG! This song “foolish games” -by Jewel feat Kelly Clarkson- is awesome! I always love the original song (the one that Jewel released in 1997), but I love this duet (Jewel & Kelly) much more than the original song. Their voice -in this duet song- are so perfect that it gave me goose bumps. I love it a lot! I keep on playing this song over & over (more than 10 times now, hahaha) on youtube. I need to buy the CD (Jewel Greatest Hits)!

Wanna hear that song? Check this out:


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OMG! my 2 most fav artists ( Lana Parrilla & Kelly Clarkson ) tweeted each other

I was working on something on my computer, and suddenly I saw a tweet from Kelly Clarkson to Josh Dallas, Ginnifer Goodwin, Jennifer Morrison, and Lana Parilla about tv series ‘once upon a time’. And then I saw Lana tweeted back to Kelly. And later Kelly tweeted back to Lana. And I was like “OMG! my 2 most favorite artists ( Lana Parrilla & Kelly Clarkson ) tweeted each other. So sweet… I’m excited to see it. I love it” 🙂

This is their tweets (in Kelly’s timeline):
Lana & Kelly twit chat 14 2013 - in Kelly's tl

This is their tweets (in Lana’s timeline):
Lana & Kelly twit chat 14 2013 - in Lana's tl-2


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Angklung, a traditional musical instrument from West Java, Indonesia


Angklung is a traditional musical instrument from West Java, Indonesia. This instrument is made of bamboo. One angklung instrument produces one tone, for example an F tone. Therefore, we need several angklung instruments to play a song. You have to shake the instrument to produce the tone. Usually angklung are played by a group of people to perform a song. Every player in that group cooperates with each other in order to produce a harmonious sound.

I remember when I played angklung back then when I was in university. I & lots of people from all over Indonesia were performing several songs in the area of Presidential palace to celebrate 50th Indonesia Independence day. My group was playing certain part of the song & several other groups were playing other parts of the song. So, all of these groups had to be united into one enormous group, in order to be able to play one complete song. Before all groups met in Jakarta to play one complete song, each group had been given only its part of the song. So, before we went to Jakarta, my group was only practicing our part of the song, in Bandung. Other groups were also only practicing their part of the song, in their cities. Then one day, all groups met in Jakarta to practice playing one complete song, for each song that we had to play in the area of Presidential palace several days later. It’s not easy to play a complete song in such an enormous group because each group had never heard and never practiced a complete song before that day. But finally we made it.

Angklung produces a very unique sound. Maybe you won’t believe it if you don’t hear and see it by yourself. Do you want to hear & see angklung concert? Just click the videos below to hear & see the angklung concert.

video: Indonesian music
video source: youtube (by 40daysineurope)

video: classical music
video source: youtube (by ikyuson)

When you visit Bandung (West Java, Indonesia), you should go to saung angklung udjo to see the angklung concert & other performing arts. Click here to visit the website of saung angklung udjo.


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Rising sun by the morning calm, a concert of japanese & korean songs

Rising sun by the morning calm is a title of a concert of japanese & korean songs that was held in GoetheHaus Jakarta yesterday. It was presented by difertimento vocal ensemble. I had never seen a vocal ensemble show before, and I didn’t know whether I was going to enjoy it or not, but I still  bought the ticket because I always like to try something new. I wanted to know about it.

Yesterday I went there with my friends to see that concert. Surprisingly, I could enjoy the show. This show were divided into 2 part. Part 1 was japanese songs, and part 2 was korean songs.  I enjoyed the korean part (part 2) more than the japanese part (part 1).

These were the songs in that concert  :

Part 2  (korean songs) :

1. Arirang (beautiful dear)

Korean folksong

Arr. : Huh Cool Jae

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Enya has saved my day

I wasn’t in a good mood when I went to work this morning. Because of that moody feeling, I couldn’t concentrate on doing my work. I tried to concentrate but I failed. I tried again but I failed again. Then I took my ipod and turned on all songs of Enya (album: A day without rain). At first it didn’t help me to concentrate, but after listening to several songs, my mind began to calm down and I could concentrate on doing my work. Enya has saved my day.


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Global Tv “terbaik dan terindah” spectacular concert

hut global tv a

hut global tv a

“Terbaik dan terindah” (”the best and the most beautiful”). That was the title of the very big concert presented by global TV in celebrating global TV’s birthday (hut global tv). It was held in the senayan olympic pool on october 29, 2008. The concert began on 8:00 PM and was aired on TV at the same time.

I and my friends got the opportunity to see this concert live in senayan olympic pool. When we first entered the area of the concert, we were so astonished to see the view in front of us. There was a very big and beautiful pirate ship floating on the blue ocean. It was the concert stage. They make the ocean by combining two big pools. The height of the ship was about 65 meter and the width was about 25 meter. The light made the view more beautiful. “Wow! Amazing!”, we were too astonished to speak.

hut global tv b

hut global tv b

The concert was so spectacular that we didn’t want to move from our seat to go anywhere, even to go to the bathroom. It was so full of surprise. Each time before the next singer’s performance, we were so excited wondering what surprise would come next. Sometimes the singers sang on the upper deck, other time on the under deck, and another time on the bridge. There was a singer who sang on the iceberg moving on the ocean. Read the rest of this entry »


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