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What’s on his mind ?

He was sitting there alone, looking far away at the horizon. I wonder what’s on his mind. So I took snapshots of him.

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To do or Not to do

I want the world to know about my beautiful country, Indonesia. There are 2 choices about it:  to do or not to do. It means: I do something about it so that the world will know about Indonesia, or… I don’t do anything about it. So… what am I going to choose?  To do or not to do?

I choose…. “to do”.  I’m going to let the world know about my country, by writing about Indonesia in several posts in my blog. So….  every now and then, I will write about some places, dances, culture, heritage, and other things about Indonesia, in this blog. Up to today, my blog’s visitors have come from 79 countries (up to march: 57 countries). By writing about Indonesia in this blog, at least visitors from 79 countries can know about Indonesia. I think that’s a good start.

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Thank You God

Dear God,

Sometimes I forget to thank you for everything that You have given me all this time. I’m so sorry for that.

Thank you for giving me these eyes, so that I can see so many colors and all beautiful things in this world. Thank you God, because with these eyes :
• I can see my beloved family
• I can see the leaves blowing in the wind
• I can see the smiles on people’s face, the colors of their eyes, etc
• I can see the blue sky, the blue ocean, the green forest, the color of the flower, the cute animals, etc
• I can see amazing music concert performance
• I can see my friends
• I can see my favorite singers, actress, & actors
• I can see my favorite movies & TV shows
• Etc

Thank you for giving me these ears, so that I can hear all beautiful sound in this world. Thank you God, because with these ears :
• I can hear my family’s voice
• I can hear my friend’s voice
• I can hear beautiful music and songs
• I can hear the sound of flowing water
• I can hear the sound of the wind
• I can hear the ocean waves
• I can hear the singing of my favorite singers
• Etc

Thank you for giving me this mouth, so that I can speak & eat tasty food.

Thank you for giving me this nose, so that I can smell the air.

Thank you for giving me a healthy body, so that I can experience life and feel all beautiful things in this world.

Thank you for giving me such lovely family & friends.

Thank you for the food, the home, the job, the life experience (good and bad), and everything else that you have given me.


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What a fun day


On 28-29 december 2008, I & my big family went to Puncak. These were my big family that went there: my mom & my sisters & my brother & my sister in law, my aunts & their husbands & children, my cousins & their husbands & children. We were there for 2 days & 1 night. Usually it only takes 2,5 hours to get to Puncak, but it took us 9 hours to get there because of the traffic jam.

It ‘s so cold in Puncak & the view’s beautiful. All of us had fun there. We played 2 games at night & 1 games in the morning. To play those games, all of us were divided into 3 teams. At the first game, the score of team 1 was 2, the score of team 2 was 2, & the score of team 3 was 2 too, so…. there was no winner in the first game. In the second & third games there was no winner too because the score of all teams were the same.

On 29 dec, we had barbeque, played cards, and gathered around the pool. When we gathered around the pool, we pushed all men to the pool eventhough they still wore their clothes. While the men were playing in the pool, the women were sitting around the pool. It was fun.

Then it was time for us to go home. I really had fun there. What a great day to end the year of 2008.

traffic jam in puncak

traffic jam in puncak




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While everyone’s having a party in new year’s eve, I could only stay in bed.

While everyone was having a party or going out in new year’s eve, I could only stay in bed because I got ill. I got a fever, headache, runny nose, cough, sore throat, and was very tired. My illness was so severe that I had no energy to do anything, even for watching TV. When I watched TV –even for about an hour- my headache was getting worse and my energy was getting lower and lower. From 31 dec 2008 – 7 jan 2009 my illness was still severe, but it got a little better in 8 jan, and now I feel much better eventhough I haven’t recovered yet.

From 31 dec – 4 jan, I got so upset because I got ill in my vacation (I was in vacation from 25 dec – 4 jan). “I was planning on having fun in my vacation but I cannot do it because I got ill? I hate it!”, my heart said it at that time.

But when I think of it now, in the the year 2008 I’ve never got very sick (=severe illness for more than 5 days) like my illness in 31 dec – 7 jan. It means in 2008 I only got very sick once (from 31 dec – 7 jan). Therefore I should be grateful to God that I have never got very sick more than once in the year 2008.


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Bloggers Unite For World AIDS Day, the story of one HIV/AIDS victim in my country

world-aids-day-badgeToday is December 1, 2008, and it’s the World AIDS Day. So I’m going to write this post to support the campaign of “Bloggers Unite for World AIDS Day”.

“The campaign of “Bloggers Unite for World AIDS Day”

Several days ago, I got email from The BlogCatalog Team about “Bloggers Unite for World AIDS Day” and also read about it in the website of “Bloggers Unite”

This was what I’ve read in that email and in Bloggers Unite’s website :

On December 1st, bloggers from around the world will unite for World AIDS Day 2008. Worldwide an estimated 33 million people are living with HIV. NIDA and are working with Bloggers Unite because we value and recognize the power of a voice. Multiply that voice by the thousands and the sound of humanity will echo the blogosphere. HIV/AIDS affects too many in our communities to ignore. Be a part of a growing community of leaders that lift their voices.Together, we can reduce the stigma of this pandemic through our words, voices and actions.

Unlike most campaigns where we hope awareness led to action, this is one campaign where awareness is action! If even just 10 percent of our members get involved, we can reach an estimated 4 million blog readers. And if half of our members participate, we can reach 20 million. And if all bloggers participate, we can reach the entire world.

So, I decided to support that campaign by writing this post.

“The story of one HIV/AIDS’s victim in my country”

I remember watching a talk show about HIV/AIDS in my TV. There was several guests there, but the story of one of the guests keeps on flashing through my mind and I couldn’t forget about it. Here’s her story. Read the rest of this entry »


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Home sweet home

Home sweet home. Bandung is my hometown. I always want to go to my parent’s home in Bandung. I grew up there with all of my brother and sisters and my parents. I had been living there since I was born until I got my bachelor degree. After I graduated I went to Jakarta to find a job. Since I got a job in Jakarta I had to live in Jakarta. I had never lived far away from home before, so it was so hard for me at the first two or three months. I got home sick. I couldn’t stand living in Jakarta. I always wanted to go home. So, at the first two or three months I always went back home to Bandung every weekend.

Nowadays I only go to Bandung once or twice a month on weekends. It always feels good going home. I love it so much. When I am in Bandung, I usually hang out with my friends on Saturday, and stay at home (spending time with my parents, sisters, and brother) on Sunday.

These are the activities that I love to do when I’m going back home to Bandung:
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