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Jewel praised Kelly Clarkson’s vocal range & strength, and Kelly’s personality

I always think that Kelly Clarkson’s vocal range & vocal power is amazing. And Jewel thought the same too about Kelly. Jewel said that Kelly is “a freak of nature”, but she meant that in a good way when she said about Kelly’s vocal range and strength.

This was what Jewel said about Kelly to MTV News :

“I really wanted to sing that song with a great vocalist, and she was my first pick,” Jewel replied when asked how the collaboration with Clarkson came to be. “She’s a hoot in the studio, she’s really a fun hang, really down to earth and she’s kind of a freak of nature. I mean, you go in there, and I was singing this long note and I was holding it as long as I could and as high as I could and I was on my tiptoes doing it and she walked in there and was like, that was great, and then she just did a whole three, you know, steps above it and just sailed through it like it was nothing. She’s a freak of nature.”

Then when MTV News asked Jewel “was Jewel concerned that she’d be outshined by any of Clarkson’s high notes & amazing range”, Jewel answered :

“Kelly is great, you know she doesn’t have a big ego or anything, she wants to make me sound good and I’m the same way, I want to make her sound good so we kind of wanted to work out parts that hopefully benefitted each other and yeah, it was fun.”

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This song “foolish games” by Jewel feat Kelly Clarkson is awesome!

OMG! This song “foolish games” -by Jewel feat Kelly Clarkson- is awesome! I always love the original song (the one that Jewel released in 1997), but I love this duet (Jewel & Kelly) much more than the original song. Their voice -in this duet song- are so perfect that it gave me goose bumps. I love it a lot! I keep on playing this song over & over (more than 10 times now, hahaha) on youtube. I need to buy the CD (Jewel Greatest Hits)!

Wanna hear that song? Check this out:


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OMG! my 2 most fav artists ( Lana Parrilla & Kelly Clarkson ) tweeted each other

I was working on something on my computer, and suddenly I saw a tweet from Kelly Clarkson to Josh Dallas, Ginnifer Goodwin, Jennifer Morrison, and Lana Parilla about tv series ‘once upon a time’. And then I saw Lana tweeted back to Kelly. And later Kelly tweeted back to Lana. And I was like “OMG! my 2 most favorite artists ( Lana Parrilla & Kelly Clarkson ) tweeted each other. So sweet… I’m excited to see it. I love it” 🙂

This is their tweets (in Kelly’s timeline):
Lana & Kelly twit chat 14 2013 - in Kelly's tl

This is their tweets (in Lana’s timeline):
Lana & Kelly twit chat 14 2013 - in Lana's tl-2


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