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Finally I know how to make an animated gif from a video

I saw many animated gifs on the net. Those animated gifs were made from cut-scenes of a video. I thought “hm this is interesting, I wanna learn to do it”. So I googled to search for a software to make an animated gif from a video. I found this software “Free video to gif converter”. Then I tried to operate that software using my instinct to make an animated gif from my favorite video.

Just in case you want to make an animated gif too, I’ll share with you on how to do it  🙂

Here’s how I did it:

  1. I opened that software.
  2. I put my video into that software.
  3. I determined which part of the video (from minute) that I wanna made into an animated gif.
  4. I determined how many frames per second (frame rate) I wanna make.
  5. I determined the size of animated gif that I wanna make.
  6. After several frames were made by the software, I removed several frames that I didn’t need.
  7. I chose the quality of the gif I wanna make (the choices were: normal quality or excellent quality).
  8. I chose the “play speed” of the animated gif I wanna make.
  9. I click the “make gif” button.
  10. I succeeded to make an animated gif from scenes of a video.

And this was the animated gif that I made:

animated gif

Now I know how to make an animated gif from a video.

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Finally I know how to put images side by side in wordpress blog

I tried to put 2 photos side by side in this blog, by setting the the alignment to left for the 1st photos, and setting the alignment to the right for the 2nd photos (without clicking “enter”). But I failed to do it. The result was: the first photos was located on top (on the left), and the 2nd photos was located below the 1st photo (on the right), so it was not located side by side as I wanted to. Then I tried another way to do it. I set both photos’ alignment to the left. I succeeded in getting those 2 photos side by side.

ok, now that I already know how to put photos side by side on wordpress blog, I’ll show you how to do it (just in case you wanna put 2 photos side by side):

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