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Finally I know how to put images side by side in wordpress blog

I tried to put 2 photos side by side in this blog, by setting the the alignment to left for the 1st photos, and setting the alignment to the right for the 2nd photos (without clicking “enter”). But I failed to do it. The result was: the first photos was located on top (on the left), and the 2nd photos was located below the 1st photo (on the right), so it was not located side by side as I wanted to. Then I tried another way to do it. I set both photos’ alignment to the left. I succeeded in getting those 2 photos side by side.

ok, now that I already know how to put photos side by side on wordpress blog, I’ll show you how to do it (just in case you wanna put 2 photos side by side):

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when I’m into blogging or not

When I’m into something, my mind & my heart & all of my energy are really into it. But it won’t last long. Soon I get bored and not that into it anymore. My blog is one of the example on that. When I’m into blogging I write frequently, and when I’m not into it anymore I don’t write anything at all. As you can see, from the moment I started writing in this blog (october 2008) I wrote frequently, there was at least 1 post per month, but then it just stop. My last post was in March. From then on, I didn’t write anymore. I just cannot write anything when I’m not in the mood for writing.


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Blogging is a new experience for me but it has surprised me a couple of times. I started blogging at the end of october 2008. When I first started to write a post in my blog, I never thought that there would be visitors in my blog -except of my best friends coz I only told my best friend about my blog.  But then…. I was so surprised to find that my blog’s visitors came not only from my country (Indonesia) but also from other countries. Up to now, my blog’s visitors have come from 57 countries in 5 continents (Asia, America, Europe, Africa, Australia).  These are my blog’s visitors up to now:

globetrackr details: all countries

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top countries

These are the countries generating traffic on Lovely Rainbow. This information is delayed by up to five minutes.
United States 55.23%
Indonesia 6.46%
unknown 6.19%
United Arab Emirates 5.71%
Canada 5.40%
United Kingdom 5.34%
Spain 2.84%
Romania 1.95%
India 1.63%
Australia 1.37%
Malaysia 1.26%
Norway 0.76%
South Africa 0.66%
Philippines 0.62%
New Zealand 0.36%
Singapore 0.34%
Germany 0.32%
Turkey 0.32%
Brunei Darussalam 0.32%
Brazil 0.30%
Pakistan 0.28%
Europe 0.25%
Netherlands 0.16%
Sweden 0.16%
France 0.14%
Japan 0.14%
Thailand 0.12%
Korea, Republic of 0.12%
Portugal 0.11%
Argentina 0.11%
Ireland 0.09%
Vietnam 0.07%
Oman 0.07%
Morocco 0.07%
Bulgaria 0.07%
Belgium 0.07%
Sri Lanka 0.05%
Mexico 0.05%
Poland 0.05%
Switzerland 0.04%
Nigeria 0.04%
Malta 0.04%
Italy 0.04%
Israel 0.04%
Kenya 0.02%
El Salvador 0.02%
Turks and Caicos Islands 0.02%
Saudi Arabia 0.02%
Russian Federation 0.02%
Hong Kong 0.02%
Finland 0.02%
Egypt 0.02%
Kuwait 0.02%
Hungary 0.02%
Estonia 0.02%
Denmark 0.02%
Cyprus 0.02%
Greece 0.02%

Usually my blog’s visitors per day were around 20 – 50 visitors, and sometimes there was only 1 visitor.  But in february 25, 2009, I was so surprised to see that there were 1089  visitors in march 24, 2009.  1089 visitors in only 1 day!  I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw that. I’ve never got visitors that much in 1 day before. What a surprise!

my blog's visitors in february 24, 2009

my blog's visitors in february 24, 2009


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Blogger Indonesia A. Fatih Syuhud, an interesting blog

I think Blogger Indonesia is an interesting blog. The owner of this blog, A. Fatih Syuhud, is the same person as the owner of tutorial blog that I mentioned in my previous writing (writing, my new experience). These two blogs have lots of articles about blogging. Those articles have helped lots of people, including me (beginner blogger), to understand about blogging world. The blogging’s articles in his tutorial blog is more “a step by step manual”, but in Blogger Indonesia the blogging’s articles are talking about wider topics. Tutorial blog uses Bahasa Indonesia, but Blogger Indonesia uses English language in the articles.

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Writing, my new experience

Writing is a new experience for me. I’ve never thought that I could write about something before. I started to write because of one reason that I mentioned in my first writing in this blog. After that first writing, I thought that I would never write again. But then…. I started to write the second writing. “Wow ! I can write !”, that’s what I thought after finishing the second writing. Then I made a decision that I wanna learn to write by writing in blog. I’m new in this blogging world so I don’t know how to blog actually. I started to create my blog by reading an article about tutorial blog wordpress that was written by A. Fatih Syuhud. It was a very good article. He wrote it so clearly that someone like me -who know nothing about blogging- could create a blog. I’m very grateful to him.

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A Start ……

Writing a blog? I have never thought of doing it. Hmmm….where should I start then? This is the first time for me to write about something, so I don’t know how to start it. Actually I’m not the kind of person who has the ability to write an article or any kind of writings. I have never written anything before. Even when I was at school or university, I have never written any notes about the lecture in class. Perhaps you’re wondering what I was doing in class then. I was only listening to the teacher without taking any notes. The same thing happened in making the slide of presentation. I only put some words (you might call it some points) in the slide of my presentation. The bottom line is….. I’m not used to write. Now you know why I don’t have the ability to write and why I have never had a blog before.

Then why d’ I start to make a blog now? Here is my reason….

On October 13, 2008, I saw a letter written by Agnes Monica in her official fans club friendster blog ( The letter was for her fans. It was a letter about her experience, performing in main concert in Asia Song Festival 2008 in Korea. The letter was written on october 13, and when I saw it (also october 13) there was still no comment on it, so I guess she had just written it a couple of minutes before I read it. I’ve seen the video of her performance in Asia Song Festival 2008. Her performance there was so great that I wanna write a comment on her letter right away that day . But unfortunately I cannot write a comment in this friendster blog unless I have a friendster blog too. “Gosh! It’s so upsetting! Why should we have to have a blog to make a comment in other’s blog ? I don’t like this friendster blog’s rule,“ I thought, so I canceled my intention to write a comment on her letter that day. But a couple days later…. I couldn’t wait any longer to make a comment on her letter. So…..the reason I start making the blog is….. to have an access to make a comment on her letter in the blog.

Well… that’s it for now. Next time…. I don’t know whether I will continue to write another writing or not. But at least…. what I just did (making a blog)…. is a start for me to write.


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