New Zealand trip, sleep at holiday parks (cheaper than hotel)

20 Aug

In my New Zealand trip, I have slept in campervan (in holiday park), rented room (in holiday park), and in hotel. Among those 3 choices of accommodation, the cheapest one is campervan, and the most expensive one is hotel. Rented room in holiday park is cheaper than hotel but more expensive than campervan.

Holiday parks are equipped to please a wide range of people for a minimal cost.

Holiday parks provide rented room (motels, units, cabins, etc). Holiday parks also provide sites (powered sites & non-powered sites) for campervans, caravans, motorhomes, tents, etc.  

If you need electricity in your campervan (for keeping the fridge on, or charging your cell phone, etc) you need to park your campervan at powered sites of holiday park so that you can connect the power cord from your campervan to the power source.

Holiday parks facilities vary from one holiday park to another holiday park. Some holiday parks have complete facilities, some holiday parks have only several kinds of facilities. These are some facilities that you can find in holiday parks: shared kitchen & dining room, shared bathroom (showers & toilets), laundry room, games room, children playground, BBQ, swimming pool, mineral pool (hot water), spa pool, internet, etc.

If you sleep in campervan and park it in holiday park sites, you can take a bath in shared bathroom and you can cook in shared kitchen and you can eat in shared dining room. You can also use all other facilities in that holiday park (games room, TV room, laundry room, etc).

If you sleep at rented room (motel or unit or cabin), it can has its own kitchen & bathroom… or not, because it depends on what type of room you choose. Motel has its own kitchen & bathroom. Self-contained unit has its own kitchen & bathroom. Ensuite unit has its own bathroom but doesn’t have its own kitchen, so you have to use shared kitchen if you want to cook. Standard cabin has to use shared bathroom & kitchen. Kitchen cabin has its own kitchen but has to use shared bathroom. Bathroom cabin has its own bathroom but has to use shared kitchen. So you need to read or ask what facilities does the room has, before you book that room.

If you want to sleep at holiday park (at campervan or cabins or motels or etc), I highly recommend you to choose “Top 10 holiday parks”. If you cannot get top 10 holiday parks, then choose “Kiwi holiday parks”. In my opinion, “Top 10 holiday parks” is the best holiday parks, and kiwi holiday parks is the second best holiday parks. The facilities in Top 10 holiday parks are better & more complete than in kiwi holiday parks.

Top 10 holiday parks have over 45 holiday parks located throughout New Zealand, and Kiwi holiday parks have over 41 holiday parks located throughout New Zealand.

You might think “What is holiday park like?”. Well… see these photos to get you the idea of what it is like. I took these photos when I slept at several different holiday parks throughout New Zealand:

Campervan parking site (at powered site):

my sister wanted to connect power cord from campervan to power source

connects the power source to campervan using power cord

campervan (seat turns into bed)


Rented room (with its own bathroom & its own kitchen & TV):


Shared bathroom (showers & toilets):


Shared kitchen & dining room:


Laundry room:


Children playground:


Games room:




Swimming pool:


Mineral pool (hot water):


Spa pool:


For more detail information see these sites:

Top 10 holiday parks:

Kiwi holiday parks:


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