New Zealand trip, travel with campervan

15 Aug

A road trip is the best way to explore the beauty of New Zealand’s very diverse landscapes (The NZ South Island landscapes are amazing!), as you can cover many of its highlights over the course of short time. The best way to travel around New Zealand is by campervan and I also recommend you to sleep at that campervan. The reasons are:

  • If you sleep at campervan, you are pretty flexible with your schedule and can rearrange things if needed. For example: you planned to stay at certain place of interest for 1 day, but when you arrive at that place you want to stay there for 2 days (because you like the place), so you can just change your plan easily because you sleep at campervan. But if you have booked a hotel room or holiday park’s rental room (instead of sleeping in campervan) then you cannot change your plan because you have to be at the hotel (or holiday park’s rented room) at the date you have planned if you don’t want to lose your booking money (in other words, you need to stick to your planned schedule, if you have booked a room).
  • It’s more fun to travel by campervan and sleeping in a campervan
  • Sleeping in campervan is cheaper than sleeping in a hotel or in holiday park’s rented room.

If you plan to sleep in campervan, you need to park your campervan in a holiday parks sites because you are not allowed to park anywhere you like (such as on the side of the road or at other not supposed place). If you park somewhere you’re not supposed to be, you’ll very likely have an encounter with a policeman, not to mention a hefty fine.

In holiday park:

  • you can park your campervan in “powered sites” or in “non-powered sites”.
  • you can take a bath in public bathroom (shower & toilet room).
  • you can cook at public kitchen and eat at public dining room.

To know more about holiday parks, read it at this post New Zealand trip, sleep at holiday parks (cheaper than hotel) .

You’d better rent a campervan from a good company. You need to choose which campervan is suitable for your need because there are many types of campervan. These are some types of  campervan:

  • “powered campervan” or “non-powered campervan”
  • for 2 people or 4 people or 6 people.
  • Toilet or without toilet.
  • some have these equipments and some don’t have: fridge, microwave, stove.
  • Etc

I recommend you to choose “powered campervan”. If you choose “powered campervan”, then when you want to sleep and park the campervan in holiday park (in the powered site), you can connect the external power cord from your campervan to the power source in powered sites of the holiday park. By doing that, you will have electricity in your campervan so that you can keep the fridge on, charge a cell phone, laptop, camera or even use a hair dryer. If you have raw meat in your fridge, you need to keep the electricity on. That’s why it’s important that you rent a “powered campervan”.

We used Britz campervan in our trip. You can see several types of campervan on this Britz site

This was the campervan that we used in our trip:

my sister wanted to connect power cord from campervan to power source

connects the power source to campervan using power cord


Inside the campervan:

campervan (seat before turning into bed)

campervan (seat turns into bed)

campervan bed on 2 floors

campervan (put things under the seat)

kitchen equipment in the drawer of campervan


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