New Zealand trip, where to go? part 6: Milford Sound

18 May

Before reading this post, you might want to read part 1 (road trip map), part 2, 3, 4, 5.


at Te Anau, book a “Milford Sound” package tour (for the next day) or you can book in advance when you are in your countries or in New Zealand’s other towns. But even though you book from Queenstown, you had better book the trip “te anau – milford sound – te anau” instead of “queenstown – milford sound – queenstown”. I recommend you to go to milford from te anau instead of from queenstown, so that you are not to tired of doing a long trip to milford sound. it takes you 4 hours from queenstown to milford sound, but it takes you only 2 hours from te anau to milford sound. If you go from queenstown to milford sound, you will be quite tired because of a long trip from queenstown to milford sound. Included in the tour package: bus from Te Anau to Milford Sound and back to Te Anau, lunch, and Milford Sound boat cruise.


Rudyard Kipling called Milford Sound the eighth Wonder of the World.

Milford Sound is a fiord. Milford Sound is a body of water carved out by a network of glaciers that once flowed to the sea. What’s left behind is a sea flooded inlet of water surrounded by staggeringly steep cliff walls. Glaciers once carved a path through this ancient, lush rainforest. Located on the remote, pristine southwest coast of New Zealand’s South Island, Milford Sound lies within the World Heritage area of Fiordland National Park.

Milford Sound’s raw natural beauty has inspired poets, painters and authors. Visitors travel from all of over the world to witness its staggering beauty on a clear day.

Milford Sound is by far the best scenery I’ve ever seen.The scenery took my breath away. I was blown away by the view. It was breathtakingly stunning! so spectacular! It’s difficult to describe the beauty of Milford Sound. Milford Sound scenery looks much more impressive when you see it in person than it does in photograph or video. Even professional photographers cannot adequately capture the majesty of the landscape. My photographs of Milford Sound were not good to show you the beauty of the scenery, so I searched the internet for photograph or video of Milford sound to show you the beauty of Milford Sound, but the beauty captured in those photograph and videos were nothing compared to the beauty that I saw with my own eyes. It’s 50 times more beautiful seeing it with your own eyes than in the photo or video. But you have to see Milford Sound scenery on a clear day (good weather and clear blue sky) to get to see its mesmerizing scenery.

I was so lucky when I was taking a boat cruise from Milford Sound marina to the open sea, it was on a clear day (good weather and clear blue sky) so that I was able to see a stunning scenery of Milford Sound. A person once told me that when the weather is not good, the Milford Sound scenery is not that impressive. The weather in Milford Sound is famous for its ability to change (deteriorate or improve) in a very short period of time. Milford Sound is a rainy area of New Zealand (rainfall is quite consistent around the year). When you get there, I hope that you get a good weather and clear blue sky so that you can see the mesmerizing scenery of Milford Sound.

Dolphins can occasionally be spotted in Milford Sound, as can penguins (rare). I didn’t see any dolphin or penguin, but I did see some lazy fur seals sunning themselves on rocks.

Milford Sound cruise is a “must do”. Getting out on the water is what a Milford Sound trip is all about and there’s no better way to appreciate the natural spectacle of the fiord than taking a scenic cruise. The journey from the Milford Sound marina to the open sea is a visual treat.

So you had better take a boat cruise to see the beauty of Milford Sound scenery. You can stay inside the boat or outside the boat. I highly recommend you to go outside the boat (on the boat deck) while the boat is going from Milford Sound marina to the open sea because you will see Milford Sound stunning scenery if you stay outside. You can book a Milford Sound cruise from real journeys

Important notes:

For Milford Sound tour: book ahead in high season. If you’re planning to go during the high season, particularly during a holiday weekend, be sure to book in advance. This is a popular trip and your tour may be booked full if you don’t get a chance to reserve your space in time.

In winter season, you often cannot go to Milford Sound, because occasionally the Milford road is closed due to snow.

What to pack to Milford Sound:
Sun/rain hat & rain coat
Wind jacket (coz it’s very windy)
Binoculars, if you want to keep an eye out for birds and marine life.

Photos and videos (Milford Sound):

Even though it’s 50 times more beautiful seeing Milford Sound scenery with your own eyes than in the photograph or video, these photos and videos can give you a glimpse of Milford Sound

These are some good photographs of Milford Sound scenery: photo 1, photo 2, photo 3

fur seals at milford sound

fur seals at milford sound


video by devinsupertramp

To be continued to New Zealand trip, where to go? part 7 (Queenstown, via SH 94,SH 97, SH 6)

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