New Zealand trip, where to go? part 4: Wanaka

17 May

Before reading this post, you might want to read part 1 (road trip map), part 2, 3.


Drive from Franz Josef Glacier to Wanaka via state highway 6.


Wanaka is a resort town situated at the southern end of Lake Wanaka. It is surrounded by mountains. This town is the gateway to Mount Aspiring National Park.

Wanaka is a beautiful place of lakes, mountains, rivers, diverse attractions, and endless activities.

Wanaka appeals to both adventure lovers and relaxation-minded travelers. This town is the perfect place for every type of tourist wishing adrenaline-pumping experience, or family friendly activities, or a romantic experience.

Things to do & see in Wanaka:

Mt Aspiring National Park
Lake wanaka
Lake hawea
Puzzling world
(bizarre buildings, rooms of illusion, and the world-famous Great Maze).
National transport and toy Museum
(One of the largest private collections in the world, with over 600 vehicles, 15 Aircraft, over 60,000 toys and 1,000’s of miscellaneous items).
Warbirds & Wheels museum
(world-class collection of classic and vintage automobiles & military aircraft).
Learn to fly a plane.
(The company will offer you for trial flight of 20 min, 30 min, and more, over some of the beautiful scenery in New Zealand. My sister tried to fly a plane in Wanaka).
walking, hiking, mountain biking.
horse trekking
trout & salmon fishing
jet-boating, kayaking, paddle-boarding
airborne adventures
and many more…

Photos (Puzzling World Wanaka):

Roman style toilet

Never ending stairs. Try to find the top and the bottom.

An impossible building. No end to the stream. Columns make the building appear vertical. The right angles of the aqueduct make the building appear level.

A remarkable building. Note how the supporting columns on the lower level support the wrong part of the building. Also the two floors of the building are not actually parallel.


Study the 3 domes. Each dome is similar in appearance yet the left one is viewed from the outside, the right one is viewed from the inside and the middle ine could be viewd from either the inside or the outside.

other Photos:

For more detail information, go to these sites:
Puzzling world :
National transport and toy museum :
Warbirds & Wheels museum:
Learning to fly an airplane : or

To be continued to New Zealand trip, where to go? part 5 (Te Anau)

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