Gosh! Henry is so mean to his mother, Regina (once upon a time)

17 Mar

Regina has loved & raised Henry for 10 years. She has changed every diaper, soothed every fever, endured every tantrum. Even the once upon a time’s creators (Adam & Edward) said that Regina loves Henry & has done good thing of parenting Henry for 10 years. Before Henry got the “once upon a time book”, he had loved his mother Regina (you can see it in the photo of Regina hugging Henry, he was smiling. You can also see it in the hand print art work that Henry made for Regina, it was printed “for mommy”). So why is Henry so mean to his mother now? Just because he read in his book that Regina was the evil queen? Regina’s 10 years love has been erased because of a book? Gosh! This kid is so mean to his mom.

In season 1 episode 2, Henry said to Regina “no, you’re not my mom”. In other episodes, he didn’t feel any conflict in his heart about his mom when she was accused of murder (it never occurred in his head this question “did my mom really kill Archie? “). When he finally knew that Regina didn’t kill Archie, he has never tried to find his mom to ease the pain in his mom’s heart (there was no scene of him trying to find Regina). When Emma asked him to go out of town, he didn’t say “I think we should tell my mom that we’re going out of town”. And there was a scene where Henry was calling his mother by her name “Regina”. He used to call her “mom”, but now he was calling her mother by her name “Regina”???  By calling her “Regina”, it’s like his feeling towards Regina became more far away from her. Even after he knew that she didn’t kill Archie? Even after he knew that Regina was trying to change to be a better person? When Henry has just met a man (his biological father), he called him dad. He called a man who he just met Dad, but he called her mom -that has raised him for 10 years- by her name (Regina) ??? Rumpelstiltskin once threatened to kill Henry’s family, but later when Henry knew that Rumpelstiltskin was his grandfather, he wanted to call him grandpa. He wanted to call Rumpelstiltskin “grandpa”, but didn’t want to call her mother “mom” anymore??? Really kid???

When Regina was thrown away to the ground because of sucking up the death magic to save Emma & Snow (as requested by Henry), he didn’t even care whether she was hurt or not (he didn’t even ask her “are you ok mom?”). When Rumpelstilkin got hurt by Hook, Henry was worried about him (Henry asked him “are you all right?”). Henry was worried about Rumpelstilkin being hurt, but he didn’t care about his mom being hurt ??? Gosh! This kid….(I’m speechless).

Henry knows that Regina loves him so much, and he knows that she desperately wants him to love her back. So he manipulated Regina’s desire to be loved by him, to make her do what he wanted her to do. One day, he wanted to find keys in Regina’s office but Regina was in her office, so he tricked Regina to get out of her office. He called Regina to ask her to meet him at granny’s restaurant to have lunch with him. Regina was so happy that her son wanted to have lunch with her, so she went right away to the restaurant, but she couldn’t find Henry at the restaurant because he went to Regina’s office to find the keys. In another day Henry asked Regina to prove her love to him by saving Emma & Snow from the death magic of a well. So Regina risked her life, sucked up the death magic, to save Emma & Snow (as requested by Henry). Regina was thrown away to the ground because of the death magic, but succeeded in saving Emma & Snow. And what did Regina get from it? Henry left her on the ground without even care whether she was hurt or not (he didn’t even ask her “are you ok, mom?”), and he rushed to hug Emma in front of Regina. Then after that, when Emma asked him to have dinner with her, Henry took off with her and he left Regina alone standing behind, heartbroken. In another day, knowing that Regina desperately needed him to love her, Henry asked Regina to destroy magic and not to cast love curse on him. The love curse was written in a scroll. Because of her love to Henry, Regina burned the scroll. After she burned that scroll, Henry rushed to hug Emma, and once again he left Regina alone standing behind, heartbroken.

It must have been painful for Regina to have witnessed her son slipping away from her, getting cold towards her.

I remember when I watched season 1 episode 2 with my cousin (she is much older than me, she is a mother, she adopted a son too, like Regina), we were watching the scene when Regina said to Henry “and that hurts me Henry, I’m your mother”, then Henry said “no, you’re not”.  A second after Henry said “no, you’re not”, my cousin said “wow, he was so mean to his mother. It hurts to hear your son said that to you, even though he is your adoptive son”.  I guess my cousin said that because she is an adoptive mother too, so she really felt what Regina felt, that it really hurts to hear your son said to you “you are not my mother”.

I found these in tumblrs and wanted to put it here:

Tumblr 1 (source: evilwoolgrill):

So according to Henry:

  • Woman who gave him up for adoption, came back into his life because HE came looking for her not the other way around, has known him for ONE year = MOM.
  • Man who met him ONE minute ago = DAD.
  • Woman who WILLINGLY adopted him and loved him and took care of him for TEN years = REGINA.

Tumblr 2 (source: onceuponasnacktime):

Do the writers of this show even know what parent is?

  • A parent is someone who adopts you, loves you, & cares for you.

               No wait, that’s not right.

  • A parent is someone who accidentally gets pregnant, gives birth in jail,   & gives you away.

              No wait, that’s not right either.

  • Obviously a parent is someone you just met. That’s it for sure this time.

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4 responses to “Gosh! Henry is so mean to his mother, Regina (once upon a time)

  1. Margot

    March 23, 2013 at 4:00 am

    Great post.

  2. Denise Ruiz

    July 29, 2014 at 4:44 am

    I thought I was the only one who felt this way. I could never get into this tv show because it irritates me that they act like Emma is his ‘real’ mom. When in fact Regina did all the real mom things. Who was there to teach him how to ride a bike. Who held his hand whenever he got a shot. Who woke up in the middle of the night to feed him or to change his diapers. Or read him a bed time story when he could fall asleep. I don’t understand how a kid could believably act this way about his mom. It always felt wrong to me. At most Emma was an egg donor not a mom. Regina loves Henry in a way that Emma will never be able to.

  3. lovelyrainbow1

    August 26, 2014 at 7:59 am

    I completely agree with you. Regina is Henry’s real mom, not Emma.

  4. Maxine

    September 18, 2014 at 9:28 am

    I had to stop watching this, the little boy is extremely heartless! He treated that poor woman like crap. The fact that she had to ask for visitation to see the son she raised?! So wrong!


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