A congrats video from 100 fans “Evil Regals” for Lana Parrilla for getting 100.000 followers in her twitter

17 Mar

There is a video from 100 fans of Evil Queen / Regina/ Lana (the fans are called Evil Regals) for Lana Parrilla.    A fan (@Xiluvanyane) with the participation of other 99 Evil Regals made this video to congratulate Lana on getting 100.000 followers in her twitter. It is a very nice video. In that video, you will see several scenes of Evil Queen from once upon a time TV series, several cut-video from Lana’s interviews & other shows (such as the Chew, Kelly & Michael, etc), 100 messages (saying why they Love Lana) from 100 fans from different countries & different continents, 100 photos of those fans, the photos of Evil Queen & Regina & Lana. The scenes, the cut-video from interviews & other shows, the photos, the messages, & the song are blending so perfectly. It is amazing that 100 fans “Evil Regals” from all over the world joined forces to make this video. Many fans (not only those 100 fans that made this video) love Lana so much. Because of their love for Lana/ Regina/ Evil Queen, many fans from all over the world has become friends and met each other. It’s amazing how a person (Lana) can make an impact to many people around the world. I’m a huge fan of Evil Queen/ Regina/ Lana, so I’m an evil regal too. But I have never met other evil regals. I hope someday I can meet other evil regals.

This  is the congrats video:

Lana Parrilla, Congrats video for getting 100K followers on twitter



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