Wow! People were going crazy over Lana Parrilla at PaleyFest 2013

04 Mar

I’m amazed about what happened today in PaleyFest event, the event was held in USA but people around the world (in  forum, twitter, tumblr) were going crazy over Lana Parrilla (the evil queen of once upon a time) before she arrived & when she’s there. Everyone was so excited to see Lana. Before she arrived, people said “Where is Lana? Has she arrived yet? Where is she?” When she arrived, people said “Wow, she’s beautiful, look at her hair, her eyes, her outfit!, Wow she’s hot! Wow she’s sexy! and Wow she’s so nice!” And boom! suddenly her photos appeared all over the net. And when the event began, people were talking about her every moves, how adorable she was. When the event has just finished, Lana went straight to her fans to say hi (other cast didn’t do that), and people said “Aww, she’s so sweet “. And right after that, boom! tons of her gif appeared all over the net. People were making animated gif of her every moves from the streaming video of that event (this event were aired on the net ‘streaming’, so people around the world could watch the event at the same time as people who were attending that event). Paleyfest was held in USA on Sunday afternoon, that means in some other countries it was 2 AM, in other countries it was 3 AM, etc. And people around the world were watching this event from streaming video, event though it was so early in the morning. Some of those people were watching that streaming video so early in the morning, just to see Lana. The things people do for Lana, hahaha. Lana are so amazing that people would do such crazy things for her  😀


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