Wow! Brilliant acting of Lana Parrilla (Evil Queen/ Regina) in eps 10 “cricket game” once upon a time

27 Feb

OMG! I’m so blown away by Lana’s acting in once upon a time episode 10 “the cricket game” (season 2). The range of emotions she was expressing was so amazing. She was expressing so many different emotions: desperate, heartbroken, frustrated, sad, hate, hurt, angry, hopeless, lonely, devastated, shocked, the feeling of betrayal, and despair. And those emotions felt so real that I could feel all of her emotions. What an amazing acting! How could Lana do that so perfectly? I’m speechless.

And that explosion of anger in execution speech, wow! It was such a strong scene.

This is the video of that execution speech:


And the scene in the car, when Regina was so sad watching Emma told Henry about Archie? She was so heartbroken. It’s heartbreaking to see her weeps in despair. How could Lana so great in expressing that emotion? What an amazing acting!

This is the video of that heartbreaking scene:


In granny’s restaurant, Regina felt so lonely sitting there alone in that room while everyone else was chatting. Poor her.

Outside the restaurant, when Regina said thank you & sorry to Emma, I was so surprised. The most powerful witch on earth lowered her pride by saying thank you & sorry so sincerely, wow! that was such an improvement in trying to be a better person, Regina.

Outside of Regina’s house, I could feel that Regina felt so sad, angry, and frustrated when Emma said this to Regina: “Henry, his heart’s gonna break. He’s not your son! he’s mine! You’re not getting anywhere near him!”.   I could understand that Regina felt all of those emotions, because she has loved & raised Henry for 10 years, but now she is not allowed to meet him. I remember in episode 1 (season 1) when Regina said to Emma (regarding Henry) “and in the last decade while you’ve been…. well who knows what you’ve been doing, I’ve changed every diaper, soothed every fever, endured every tantrum”.

And look at those feelings of despair & hurt in Regina’s eyes when Emma said this to her “There is no way Henry will swallow your lies about Archie now, you can pretend all you want but we know how you are, and who you will always be”.  How can Regina change into a better person if everyone always sees her as evil and doesn’t give her a chance at all?

By the way, these Regina’s lines were so funny, hahaha :

“Why should I answer you, bug?”

“Doctor? Need I remind you, you got your PhD from a curse!”

“Private conversation, go take yourself for a walk.”

In the execution scene, when the guards were taking her to the cell, her eyes was so psycho (look at the picture below). Lana is always so great in expressing emotions with her eyes.







This video shows many different emotions that Lana (as Evil Queen/Regina) was expressing in episode 10 “cricket game” (season 2) :


Now, let’s take a look at the Evil Queen’s outfits in this episode.

This Evil Queen’s war outfit, wow!








And this Evil Queen’s blue outfit was stunning!


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