Obama has won !

05 Nov

“Obama has just won the election!” my friend shouted from her office desk. Hearing that, I and several friends jump out our seat and stopped our work, “Really? Turn on the TV ! ….. Turn on the TV!” my friends said. Then all of us gathered in front of the TV to watch that election result. There were two television in our office, so we watched CNN in one TV and Metro TV in another TV.

Here was what we saw on TV:

there were many people gathered around the podium. They were the supporter of Obama who were waiting for Obama’s victory speech. I also saw Oprah Winfrey in the middle of Obama’s supporter there. There were also many supporter of McCain gathered in other place, waiting for McCain’s concession speech. “Wow! There were so many people gathered there –after hearing the election result- but no riot, amazing!”, my friend said. I remembered an incident in our country where there was a riot after hearing the result of the election. I wish someday there were no more riot -after hearing the election’s result” in my country.

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