A Start ……

28 Oct

Writing a blog? I have never thought of doing it. Hmmm….where should I start then? This is the first time for me to write about something, so I don’t know how to start it. Actually I’m not the kind of person who has the ability to write an article or any kind of writings. I have never written anything before. Even when I was at school or university, I have never written any notes about the lecture in class. Perhaps you’re wondering what I was doing in class then. I was only listening to the teacher without taking any notes. The same thing happened in making the slide of presentation. I only put some words (you might call it some points) in the slide of my presentation. The bottom line is….. I’m not used to write. Now you know why I don’t have the ability to write and why I have never had a blog before.

Then why d’ I start to make a blog now? Here is my reason….

On October 13, 2008, I saw a letter written by Agnes Monica in her official fans club friendster blog ( The letter was for her fans. It was a letter about her experience, performing in main concert in Asia Song Festival 2008 in Korea. The letter was written on october 13, and when I saw it (also october 13) there was still no comment on it, so I guess she had just written it a couple of minutes before I read it. I’ve seen the video of her performance in Asia Song Festival 2008. Her performance there was so great that I wanna write a comment on her letter right away that day . But unfortunately I cannot write a comment in this friendster blog unless I have a friendster blog too. “Gosh! It’s so upsetting! Why should we have to have a blog to make a comment in other’s blog ? I don’t like this friendster blog’s rule,“ I thought, so I canceled my intention to write a comment on her letter that day. But a couple days later…. I couldn’t wait any longer to make a comment on her letter. So…..the reason I start making the blog is….. to have an access to make a comment on her letter in the blog.

Well… that’s it for now. Next time…. I don’t know whether I will continue to write another writing or not. But at least…. what I just did (making a blog)…. is a start for me to write.


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2 responses to “A Start ……

  1. nala

    November 7, 2008 at 4:12 am

    keep writing….!!!

  2. lovelyrainbow1

    November 26, 2008 at 2:59 am

    thank you Nala 🙂


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